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The Grand Canyon Experience Top destinations to go-to in Williams, Arizona

Williams, Arizona

Located in the beautiful Ponderosa Pine Forests with enriched histories of the Old West, pioneers and explorers, cowboys and the Grand Canyon, alongside with quantities of recreational activities for all – Williams, Arizona could be the place you’re looking for your next great real estate investment!

Williams, Arizona the GATEWAY to the GRAND CANYON

Williams is known as the gateway to the Grand Canyon. Located in the heavily treed Kaibab Forest, there is tons of outdoor activities. Residents and tourists enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, biking, hunting, and various other outdoor activities. You can drive or catch  a train to one of the worlds seven natural wonders the Grand Canyon.

But wait there’s more!

Williams isn’t only known for the Grand Canyon experience, it is also home to a lot of iconic spots that you would love to check out!


1. Grand Canyon Railway

We’re not bluffing when we’ve told you that Williams is The Gateway to the Grand Canyon.

North of Williams, the now Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel has been taking passengers on a enchanted journey, Since 1901, towards the heart of the seven wonders of the world – the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon Railway doesn’t only provide pure transportation but an experience inside a lovingly restored rail cars filled with entertaining musicians and quirky cowboy character antics with terrain changes from high desert to prairie, prairie to pine, all together as you journey towards the majestic Grand Canyon!


2. Grand Canyon Deer Farm

Williams isn’t only home to tons and tons of mountains and trail parks that are open to the public, but it is also home to a diverse species of wildlife! Operating in a 10-acre farm for more than half a century, Grand Canyon Deer Farm is home to animals that were hand-raised and ready for human interactions. Grand Canyon Deer Farm invites you to walk through the park to get a first-hand experience of the different routines of the hundreds of animals.



3. Bearizona Wildlife Park

Maybe you’re tired of walking, this wildlife park got your back!

Known as a Drive-Thru Wildlife Park, Bearizona, like the Grand Canyon Deer Farm is a wildlife and conservation park that provides an experience worthy of the title, “one of the top places to visit in Williams, Arizona”. Through its Drive-Thru tour, you can get up close to animals like black bears, wolves, bison, and even mountain goats. While it is known for its drive-through experience, Bearizona also allows you to walk through the other side of the park at to see up close the daily activities of otters, foxes, and jaguars. But, also be sure to catch their different shows like the Birds of Prey that demonstrates the life and more about the great horned owls and hawks!

4. Planes of Fame Air Museum

Yup. You’ve read that right.

The famous aviation museum in the country has a branch here in Williams! With its mission to preserve aviation history, inspire and educate the public in aviation, and to honor its pioneers, veterans and those who paved the way for American Aviation. Planes of Fame, offers extensive exhibits of aircrafts from the beginning of the industry to war planes and to what it is now. At some point of the day, Planes of Fame, conducts air shows featuring historical aircrafts all for public viewing!


5. Pete’s Rt 66 Gas Station Museum

Have you ever, once in your life, saw the Disney-Pixar movie Cars? How Lightning McQueen got lost in the lost route of Rt 66 but eventually found a home in it? And what if I told you that Rt 66 does really exist in real life? Oh, wait. It does!

One of the best gems hidden in Route 66, Pete’s Rt 66 Gas Station Museum is a small gas station filled with tons and tons of Route 66 memorabilia and information of the historic route.


6. Elk Ridge Ski and Outdoor Recreational

Want to start or get better in Skiing? This one’s for you!

30 miles west of Flagstaff, Elk Ridge Ski Area is  the smallest of the four skiing areas in Arizona with an 37 skiable acres. This ski are would still fit perfect for you to visit and to hone your skiing and snowboarding skills!




7. Williams Depot

Whether you arrange on taking a trip on the Grand Canyon Railroad or not you should book some time in your itinerary to visit the Williams Depot.

This historic train station is a restored piece of history and an important part of the transcontinental railroad that first ran through towns in 1882! Today, this depot serves as the departure point for the Grand Canyon Railway leading to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon through its original tracks founded in 1901.



Awesome places indeed but the truth is Williams has still a lot more  to offer you and for your family. Why won’t you visit it and discover more yourself! Who knows? Maybe your visit would convince you to make the best real estate investment that you could make! Check it out!



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