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The 4-Seasoned City

Flagstaff, Arizona

A 4-seasoned city that smells like vanilla, located at the base of San Francisco Peaks and surrounded by one of the largest pine forests on Earth!

One of the City of 7 Wonders

Flagstaff, Arizona is the largest city in Northern Arizona. Consisting of an almost 73,000 population. It is a great city for those who seeks an adventure due to its surroundings of national attractions, great mountain trails, historical monuments, and national parks. It is also to home to great neighborhoods and schools!

With this guide, let us help you to consider visiting Flagstaff. Who knows? Maybe your next real estate investment would root from here!

Top Destinations

As one of the City of 7 wonders and being rich with history and culture, Flagstaff has many great spots to check out and here is some:

1. Sunset Crater (Coconino County, AZ)

The Sunset Crater is a 3,040 acre national monument and is the youngest and most well-known volcanic crater in Arizona that is available for different kinds of outdoor activities such as driving, biking, and driving.

2. Riordan Mansion (409 2 Riordan Rd)

A real estate Arizonian treasure that features a rustic exterior, log slab sliding, volcanic stone arches, and hand split wooden shingles with 40 rooms and 13,000 square feet of space, this house is the home of 2 Riordan brothers who was part of the founding and establishing of Flagstaff’s lumber industries.

3. Meteor Crater (Interstate 40, Winslow, AZ)

37 miles east of Flagstaff, the Meteor Crater is the most visited crater around Arizona. It is a place where a meteor made impact with Earth 50,000 years ago. Visitors Center provide exhibits and displays of the different rocks, minerals, and even crystals from the crater.

4. Lowell Observatory (1400 W Mars Hill Rd, Flagstaff, AZ)

Would you believe us that this observatory was the same observatory that discovered Pluto? Yup. It’s true. It’s confirmed that Lowell Observatory was used to discover Pluto and it is registered in the National Register of Historic Places. What’s great about it is that it is open for the public! The observatory has 6 advance telescopes open for the public! Try to visit it and maybe you’ll be the next one to discover a new planet.

5.  Walnut Canyon ( 3 Walnut Canyon Rd, Flagstaff, AZ)

1,000 years of southwestern history all in one place. The Walnut Canyon is home to 2 main hiking trails: the first one is around the rim of the canyon, and number two is a loop into the canyon that would lead you to 20 ruins to view.

6. Museum of Northern Arizona (3101 N Fort Valley RD, Flagstaff, AZ)

A place wherein all kinds of information you need to know about Arizona is present and available for you to view. This museum doesn’t only provide tons of information about Arizona but it also displays an array of fine arts pieces and artifacts that are related to the Native American Life.

Top Neighborhoods

1. Kachina Village

A bedroom community located fair south of Flagstaff’s city limits and with a population of 2,600, Kachina Village is an incredible neighborhood for those who love to breathe-in fresh air with a bounty of adjacent trails, beautiful Ponderosa pine trees, and tons of protection.

2. Doney Park

A great option for those trying to find more space and grounds and with a population of 5,400, plenty of open accessible land, and incredible sceneries of Flagstaff’s popular sights, Doney Park makes it case as one of the best neighborhood at the city! It is best for those who idealizes a balance of a more peaceful, rural life without being too isolated from the city.

3. Pine Canyon

Located on the southern end of Flagstaff but within the vicinity of the city’s limit, Pine Canyon is a gated community advertising an accredited private golf course, luxurious modern and craftsman fashion homes, and all encompassing mountain scenery.

 4. Downtown Flagstaff

The foremost memorable and centrally located district in Flagstaff, Downtown Flagstaff is one of the most in-demand places for those looking for a more seasoned home, a well-knitted community, an active social life, or just being near for more opportunities in shopping, dining, and other luxuries.

5. Forest Highlands 

Located off of the scenic Highway 89A leading down to Sedona’s switchbacks and lovely red mountains, south of Flagstaff, the Forest Highlands gated community is an built up one that incorporates 2 accredited golf courses, a clubhouse, an array of recreational activities, and surprisingly affordable homes.

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